Opal Diffusing Glass

Opal Diffusing Glass

Opal Diffusing Glass

Opal Diffusing Glass is similar to grinded glass, but with one surface flashed with a milky white "opal" coating to diffuse light evenly. Opal Diffusing Glass can be used to achieve a near Lambertian distribution. The level of diffusion in opal glass causes a large amount of scattering loss. Due to the manufacturing process of the opal coating, the transmission may vary from one production to the next.


- Economically
- Features a Milky White 'Opal' Coating
- Even Diffusion Helps Create a Near Lambertian Source
- More Diffusion than a Standart Ground Glass Diffuser

A Volume Diffuser, also known as an Opal Diffusing Glass, is a transparent base glass coated on one side with opal glass (SCHOTT Opalika). The light-scattering effect of the opal glass is caused by the different refractive indices of insoluble ingredients of the glass or colloidal crystallites in the glass matrix.
Opal diffusers diffuse the light very diffuse and homogeneous in a wide spectral range, so it is not only popular for lighting and room design, but also for use in optical devices:

- Optical instruments
- Optical devices (microscopes, optical measuring devices)
- Laser technology
- Medicine
- Ophthalmology
- Lighting and lamp construction
- Radiology

We produce Opal Diffusing Glass individually according to customer specifications in all sizes and shapes - also later grinded and polished on both sides to a certain glass thickness.

Opal Glass material has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is available in limited quantities. We have bought a larger quantity of Opal Glass material, so that a supply of our customers is ensured for a longer time. Please contact us for more informations.

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